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One Night Three Hearts (Three Hearts Trilogy, #1)

One Night Three Hearts (Three Hearts Trilogy, #1) - Adele Allaire Copy provided by author in return for honest review

I actually liked this book more that I thought I would considering it started out with the main couple dealing with the issue of infertility. I was definitely interested to see whether the story was going to be a mess of depressing sex on demand, but that is told as backstory for the couple and the story quickly moves onto a night of ménage sexy-time.

This is book #1 of three and sets up the next book nicely. The sex scenes are well done (although not everyone will like them), the storyline, while not entirely fresh, is interesting.

The relationships between the 3 main characters was touched upon, but this novella was too short for any in depth details. I'm interested to see where book #2 (and three) head, there's the obvious of course or the author may throw in a surprise or 2. Personally, I'm hoping for the not quite obvious and a surprise plot twist or 3.. I guess only time will tell. I liked this book enough to look forward to the next installment, and that's saying a lot, since I'm not the biggest fan of series books, which authors seem so fond of lately.

PS. I love that the model on the cover reflects the size (or an approximation) of the main character. Nothing worse than seeing a skinny gal on the cover when the heroine is plus sized.

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