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Midnight Sins - Lora Leigh I like the idea behind this book, but man, the story is bewildering. I had to go back and re-read some sections and finally realized it wasn't me, it was the book! There are details in the flashbacks and current time frame which change....just like ::snap:: This was my first Lora Leigh book and not a great introduction.

The backstory is a confusing, the timeline confusing.. and plain WRONG - it doesn't add up or the age of the character changes all of a sudden.. Characters popping up out of nowhere...

At least the sex scenes were good.

I was icked that Rafe had a prior sexual relationship with Cami's sister....aaaannnnd Rafe was the best friend of Cami's sister deceased husband ... both were things I could do without, but yeah, the fact Rafe had a sexual relationship with Cami's sister ::shudder:: I am typically an anything goes kinda gal but I couldn't go there, even in context of the story

I will read the rest of the series, I can't leave a series unread, I need to know whodunnit, but fortunately my library has #1 and #2, I couldn't see myself buying them.

I am currently reading Deadly Sins (The Callahan's, #2), actually just started today, so fingers crossed it's is better...

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