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Breaking the Silence - Katie Allen I liked this book, more than I was anticipating. Really like the H/h - Will and Jenny.

There's an amazing (gay) best friend, an adorable dog, hotter than hot, shy virgin who is desperately into the heroine, a stalker... voilĂ  the plot in a nutshell.

I loved that Jenny had more photos up on her cubicle wall of her dog Rosie than of her niece.

Like others who have reviewed this book, I wish Will would have told Jenny he was a virgin, that he'd never kissed anyone before or even been on a date.

And I'll tell you what, that man had some mad, mad, skillz when it came to loving her (especially for a virgin). For that alone Will makes my all time A-list hero list.. but more than that, he's sweet.. loving.. smart.. shy.. damaged.

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