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Men of Steel (Men of Steel, #1) - M.J. Fields I wouldn't read this book with your eyes. It ended up being a "did not finish" for me.

I gave this book 1ยท5 stars though, as the author took her idea, wrote a book and got it out there. And it looks like she plans on creating a series out of her characters, so more power to her for making it happen.

I read the first version which was riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes and felt like it was written by a teen-aged girl for teen-aged girls.

Amazon offered me an updated version (which is being sold for .99 cents now) and I skimmed through it. It's a vast improvement on the 1st version, although I did see some errors still.

I don't think I fit the demographic the author is aiming for and that's ok with me.

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